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The ultimate home grow device

Made to perform

Minigrow creates unique grow devices, optimized to grow and flourish one single plant in a perfect environment. Minigrow One is the newest generation grow box, designed to be small, easy to control, reliable and very productive.

Enjoy growing your favorite plant in the ultimate one-plant grow box!

Minigrow One Open

Fits anywhere

he first flight-case inspired design that is specifically built to be a perfect grow device. It’s dimensions makes it fit anywhere in your house, small or large and is a welcome companion in your home or apartment.

Family and friends may not even notice because Minigrow is in super stealth mode: no light, no smell, no sound. 


Most productive ever

Minigrow and all of it’s components are designed to make the best use of the available space. The powerful LED engine enables your plant to grow close to the light and the filters are the smallest available. 

Minigrow is the most productive growbox ever, measured per volume growspace.


Automate your grow with the intuitive touch screen. All key functions are just one click away. Minigrow is specially designed to operate easy and offline. No dependency on any network, (unstable) wifi connection or App. 

Just connect the power, plant your seed and start your grow!

No concessions!

Minigrow is designed and manufactured in Holland. Development has taken 5 years, with obsessive attention for detail. Minigrow complies with the most strict safety directives for household appliances in Europe.

With the unique combination of quality, design and technology, Minigrow is the ultimate home gadget!